AP Auger bucket

AP Auger bucket

AP produces the well-known auger bucket since the foundation of AP Machinebouw in 1979. Because AP continuously attempts to improve her product range the development of the auger bucket is an ongoing process. By being attentive to the wishes of the users the AP auger bucket is a very solid, easy to operate machine that requires little maintenance.

The range consists of various models, all hydraulically driven and suitable for both loader and tractor attachment. Capacities from 475 to 1875 litres, widths from 1,20 to 2,53 m. Furthermore there is a wide range of options. In short, for every farmer’s needs the proper auger bucket.

Features AP Auger Bucket:

• One-sided or double-sided discharge models
• Suitable for several types of feed
• Unique two-point linkage in rear attached version
• The hydraulic motor is protected by a shearbolt overload protection
• Limited maintenance
• Due to unique auger suspensionthe auger rotates fully clear of the bottom
• Hydraulically driven
• No spilling of feed
• The hydraulic motor is protected by the special shape of the bucket
• Easy to operate
• Very simple to couple and uncouple
• Long service life
• Options available like fodder beet cutting device and rotor cutter device

The Auger Bucket Types

The VDCE-types are one-sided discharging auger buckets, equipped with an auger in which the machine discharges the feed at the desired side. Widths from 120 to 228 cm, the capacity varies from 475 to 1400 litres.

The VDC-types are equipped with two augers so that the machine can discharge the feed both left and right. Widths from 120 to 253 cm, the capacity varies from 700 to 1875 litres.