AP Box graders

AP Box graders

AP Machinebouw develops and constructs box graders ever since 1983. Through years of experience, intensive contact with the users and practice-oriented thinking AP continuously aims to improve the machines which results in a perfect box grader for every conceivable situation.

Thanks to the position of the knive the AP box grader will always penetrate the ground. The unique round shape of the blade makes sure that the ground keeps “rolling” resulting in a higher capacity, needing less tractive power. The (optionally) pendulum wheel set ensures the stability of the grader box and avoids it from “jumping”, even at a driving speed of 10 km per hour.

The range of grader boxes is very diverse: for every user the appropriate solution. Several models, laser or gps controlled, various sizes and many options. Next to the standard versions in our range we also have the possibility to develop and construct grader boxes to the customer’s demands.

All AP grader boxes are delivered with an EU approval certificate.

The types

AP Mini box graders

The AP mini box graders are perfectly suitable for garden and landscaping. Where space or soil conditions does not permit the use of a larger grading box, the AP mini grading box achieves an excellent result. All types are standardly provided with changeable Hardox knives, an open top frame, 2 wheels and fixed sides. Working widths from 150 to 200 cm.

AP Box graders for greenhouses – type KK

Due to the folding wheels the AP grading boxes type KK are perfectly suitable for use in a greenhouse. All types are standardly equipped with changeable Hardox knives, 2 wheels and fixed sides. Working widths from 150 to 200 cm.

AP Box grader – type SKB

Ap Box grader – type SKB is the solution for precision grading on smaller locations or combined with smaller tractors. This little brother of the foldable grading boxes is provided with a gooseneck type drawbar, comes as standard with 4 offset wheels for a smooth and even run.

AP Agricultural box graders – type LKB

The LKB grading box is a simple, robust, no-nonsense grading box for farmers or contractors. Optionally available with laser control.

AP Box graders – type KB

The AP fixed grading boxes are perfectly suitable for end users that have high standards with regard to the results. These grading boxes are constructed heavier and more luxurious than the LKB agricultural grading box. All types are standardly equipped with mechanic doors and a fixed wheel set and can be scaled up with various options. Working widths from 200 to 485 cm, blade heights 70, 80, 110 and 130 cm; the transport width does not exceed the maximum permissible 3 meters.

AP Foldable box graders

The AP foldable grading boxes are used for major work. The gooseneck drawbar runs along the blade which enables the ground to keep “rolling”, even when there is a lot of ground in front of the blade. Furthermore the angle of the blade can be adjusted for a better cutting angle on varying soil types. The blade and the wheel set are hydraulically foldable to 265 cm for road transport. Blade widths from 400 to 800 cm, blade heights of 110, 130 or 140 cm.