Grab Buckets

Grab Buckets

AP Grab Buckets: type PG is suitable for use on front loaders, telescopic loader and medium-sized wheel loaders. Type PGM is used with large telescopic and wheel loaders. The grab bucket type PGX is particularly suitable for robust machines with large capacities.

Grab Bucket PG

The types PGM are grab buckets with fixed tines and are perfectly suitable for use to front loader, telescopic loader and medium sized wheel loader. The machines are equipped with a completely flat bottom so no feed rests will be left behind. The increased back profile avoids spilling of feed. Provided with heavy pivot points. Widths from 160 to 240 cm, the depth is 95 cm and the capacity varies from 0,95 to 1,35 m³.

Grab Bucket PGM

The types PG are, thanks to the solid construction, perfectly suitable for use to large telescopic and wheel loaders, f.i. for the loading of biodigesters. The grab buckets PGM are equipped with a double-walled, flat bottom without braces so no feed rests will be left behind; furthermore it makes it easy to clean. The increased back profile, and thus a small distance between the upper frame and the bucket, avoids spilling of feed. Type PGM comes with heavy pivot points with hard-chromed pins. Widths from 240 to 260 cm, the depth is 120 cm and the capacity varies from 2,00 to 2,15 m³.

Grab Bucket PGX

The types PGX, provided with fixed tines, are heavy, robust machines with a large capacity, suitable for use to heavy telescopic handler or wheel loader. The stiffening profile in the bucket gives the machine extra strength to allow the PGX to accomplish the toughest tasks. Widths from 260 to 300 cm, the depth is 40 cm and the capacity varies from 2,00 to 2,40 m³.

Features grab bucket

• Increased back profile (prevents spilling)
• Wear-resistant knives in 400 HB grade steel
• Fixed sides for stability
• Heavy, stable construction
• Bucket in Domex 420 steel