AP Grader blades

AP Grader blades

The AP grader blades are perfectly suitable for precision grading of surfaces in for instance road construction and forestry. Thanks to the forward driving direction the driver has a good view on the work. A significant advantage is that the tractor/skid-steer/wheel loader drives on the already slid lane so in the first pass deviations in the result are minimal, the driver’s comfort is optimum and it is possible to drive at high speed.

The types:

Twister Grader Blade

The Twister is an attachment grader for use with tractors, skid-steers and medium sized wheel loaders up to 5500 kg.

Tornado Grader Blade

The Tornado is an attachment grader especially constructed for use with standard wheel loaders and tractors up to 10.000 kg.

Hurricane Grader Blade

The Hurricane is an attachment grader for major work and constructed for use with large wheel loaders up to 18.000 kg.