AP Sweeping machines

AP Sweeping machines

Features :

• Equipped with high-quality poly zig-zag brushes
• Wear-resistant brush rings
• Stepless height adjustment
• Angle adjustment both left and right
• Little maintenance
• Hydraulically driven

For the cleaning of roads, (farm)yards, stables, halls etc. you choose an AP sweeping machine for its solid construction, the use of high-quality components and last but not least for its wide range of applications. Thanks to the simple but robust construction the AP sweepers demand very little maintenance.

All AP sweeping machines are hydraulically driven and provided with high-quality poly zig-zag brushes. Due to the zig-zag model the use of spacers is no longer required, which enables a faster replacement of the brushes. Furthermore these brushes are wear-resistant (no hair loss) and they have a long life. The sweepers can be used in combination with forklift truck, tractor, wheel loader and telehandlers.

The angle adjustment enables the sweeping machine to sweep under various angles, both to the left and to the right. The working height is infinitely adjustable, using the height adjustable swivel caster wheels.
All AP sweepers are supplied with a so-called balancer. This balancer is a construction developed by AP that absorbes shocks to the machine caused by irregularities in the surface, to protect the sweeper.

The sweeping machine can be provided with several options so it can be composed completely to one’s wishes.

The types
Type VHT is perfectly suitable for the cleaning of (farm)yards, halls and feeding alleys combined with a tractor, mini wheel loader or forklift truck. Working widths of 150, 180 and 230 cm. Equipped with heavy swivelling forks with tire 4.00×4″, the brush diameter is 520 mm. 

Type VHG is developed for professional sweeping combined with a tractor, telescopic handler or wheel loader. Working widths of 195, 220 and 245 cm. Standardly equipped with very heavy swivelling forks with heavy tires 150/75-r8, the brush diameter is 600 mm. 

Type VHZ is the largest model in the range and suitable for heavy-duty applications, for instance in road construction. Working widths from 220 to 295 cm. The construction and use are similar to those of the VHG, the VHZ however is provided with even larger brushes with a diameter of 750 mm.