AP Irrigation machines

AP Irrigation machines

AP irrigation machines are, in close contact with the end users, developed on the basis of all possible wishes of the Dutch farmer. Due to more than 40 years of expertise, close contacts with users and various machine options the range offers the perfect irrigation machine for every conceivable application.

The specially developed PE hose ensures a long service life, next to the diameter of the reel, the closed drum that also acts as a diesel tank, the consistent winding, the reliable hose guide and the solid construction.
Practice has proven that an AP irrigation machine offers years of service and reliability.

AP Irrigation machine has a extensive range

The range is diverse. The hydraulically driven machines with PTO or motor pump is suitable for irrigation directly out of a ditch or channel.
In case of a more distant water supply the hydraulically driven machines with hydro-kit or the turbine driven machines are appropriate.

Unique points, however as standard on every AP irrigation machine:

• Dutch craftsmanship
• Heavy-duty undercarriage with air braked wheels
• EU Approval certificate
• Construction is suitable for frequent road transport
• One-man system, easy to put into operation
• Closed drum construction
• No danger of inflection/damage of the hose due to the large core diameter of the drum
• Heavy, maintenance-free hose guide with 1″ duplex chain
• Twin-track angle adjustable gun cart