AP Levellers

AP Levellers

AP Machinebouw BV has more than 20 years of experience in the developing and construction of levellers. These machines are perfectly suitable for the levelling of surfaces on which for instance roads or buildings will be built. Furthermore they are used for the levelling of parkings, squares, golf courses etc.

The types

AP Basic Leveller

The AP Basic leveller is a basic leveller to combine with smaller wheel and skids-steer loaders. This compact leveller is available in working widths from 140 cm to 220 cm. The machine is equipped with a torsion plate on the front that determines the height. Driving backwards the machine levels the subsoil at the desired height or slope.

AP Bullblaster Leveller

The AP Bullblaster leveller is a leveller with a loading function. The front side is provided with a finishing plate with shovel bucket with which material can be shoveled and compacted. The rear side of the leveller is equipped with a cutting knife to level the material driving backwards.

AP Push Pull Leveller

The AP Push Pull leveller is a leveller especially designed for doing 2 jobs with 1 machine. You can build in materials pushing forwards en thereafter you can level your plan driving backewards. It can be coupled on both sides of the wheel / tracked loader.

AP 3D Leveller

The AP 3D leveller  is especially designed for working with 3D control (Total Station or GPS). The blade functions the same way as a dozer blade with a fixed turning point in the middle of the blade. The difference between the 3D leveller and the Push Pull leveller is that the 3D leveller can put the blade at a slope from a fixed turning point and the Push Pull leveller from two independant cylinders.