AP Box graders – type KB

AP KB Box graders

The box graders type KB, are machines for professional work. The special shape of the blade with 2 radii ensures the “rolling” of the ground. Type KB comes as standard with mechanical doors and a fixed wheel set. Optionally the doors can be controlled hydraulically. Furthermore these grading boxes can be equipped with single or double slope adjustment. All grading boxes are delivered with an open top frame. The plate thickness varies from 8 to 15 mm.

All 8 types can be provided with laser, GPS or LPS control and a hydraulically controlled 3-point linkage. Working widths (with closed doors) of 200, 220, 250 or 285 cm. When the doors are open the working widths can be increased from 290 to 485 cm. The height of the blade varies from 70 to 130 cm.

All types are delivered with an approval certificate EU regulations 167/2013, thereby providing the possibility to apply for a licence plate.

Standard equipment

■ Changeable Hardox knives
■ Mechanical doors
■ Fixed wheel set
■ Open top frame
■ 4 Wheels
■ Double functioning lifting cylinders
■ Plate thickness 8 to 15 mm

Technical specifications

TypeWorking width cmMax. width with
doors open
Height cmTiresNec. power
KB 80/2002002908027/10.5x1575
KB 80/2202203108027/10.5x1580
KB 80/2502503408027/10.5x1590
KB 80/2752753658027/10.5x1595
KB 80/3002853908027/10.5x15100
KB 110/300285485110380/55-17120
KB 130/300285485130380/55-17140


■ Hydraulic doors
■ Single/double slope adjustment and offset wheels
■ Dirt scrapers on wheels
■ Hydraulically controlled 3-point linkage
■ Laser, GPS or LPS control



Grading box KB