AP Drainage machines

AP Drainage machine | trenchless drainage

The drainage machine of AP features automatic laser control, the knife, which draws the drainage hose through the ground at the desired depth, is being held at height very accurately. The depth is adjustable up till 1,7 meters. Thanks to the slim-shaped knife (half “V” shape) one sees almost nothing overground after a track. The angle of the knife is continuously measured by a slope sensor and, if necessary, automatically adjusted.

At the beginning the knife must be put in at depth in a ditch side, at the end of the drain the swivelling knife can be easily turned out of the ground. The tow-line can be simply adjusted straight behind the tractor with a heavy side shift, for every desired depth. This ensures the tractor to travel straight-ahead and an optimal use of the tensile force.

Due to the solid and heavy construction the machines weighs no less than 3 tons. This weight is necessary for a stable operation and to obtain a correct distribution of weight on the tractor. To be able to pull the drainage machine a tractor of about 200 kW (270 pk) is required.

Benefits AP drainage machine

 Easy to operate
  Great flexibility for transport
  Working with slopes with the highest precision
  Few wear parts
  No structural damage

The AP drainage machine is developed in cooperation with Mr. Wiltje Walburg of the company De Vlijt from Noord-Beemster, Netherlands.

Standard equipment AP drainage machine

  • Tempered steel knife
  • Hydraulically controlled hose reel for 2 rolls
    (optionally 4 rolls)
  • Hydraulic drawbar on the tractor
  • Hydraulically driven cutting unit for drainage hose
  • 6-Fold valve block (load-sense)
  • Topcon laser receiver, APMB-1 control box with
    proportional joystick, AP slope sensor
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Storage tube for the tripods
  • Hydraulically adjustable receiver mast
  • Digital level for vertical adjustment
  • Socket for the tubes
  • Platform around the frame
  • Side shift for pulling line adjustment



AP Drainage machine