AP Powerblade

AP Powerblade

The AP Powerblade is designed to build in large amounts of material and directly level it out to the on grade line. A dumped bulk of ground / sand can directly be levelled by the Powerblade. Speed, power and large quantities are the keywords.

The AP Powerblade functions best when combined with a skid-steer loader but can also be used with a wheel loader. Next to the moving and levelling of sand and ground the machine can also be used to relocate mixed granulate.

The compact construction of the Powerblade provides a high stability and optimal control. The doors, hydraulically controlled from the cabin, enable the machine to level closely to any edges. Optionally the Powerblade can be equipped with a finishing plate / bucket, locked between the doors.

Because both the proportional valve block and the cables are installed on the Powerblade the machine is simply and quickly ready for use, furthermore it enables a flexible switch from loader.

Highly accurate in combination with laser control. Thanks to the unique combination with the APMB-1 control box it is possible to work with the easy to operate “on grade” line adjustment. The on grade level can be determined from the cab. At some skido-steer loaders the control of the Powerblade can be integrated in the joysticks.

  • Fast and accurate levelling on grade line
  • Increases the productivity
  • Removable Hardox knives
  • Hydraulic doors
  • 2 Directions (forwards building in, backwards fine finishing)
  • Limited maintenance

Standard equipment AP Powerblade 

  • Removable Hardox knives
  • 2 Stainless steel receiver masts
  • Hydraulic doors
  • Double functioning cylinders
  • Quadruple hydraulic block proportionally controlled
  • Complete wiring

Technical specifications AP Powerblade

TypeWorking width cmBlade height cmWeight kg
PB 120012052350
PB 140014052380
PB 180018068595
PB 200020068620
PB 220022068645
PB 245024568665
PB 265026568700
PB 285028580850

Optional : Bobcat/Cat interface 

If the AP Powerblade is coupled to a Bobcat/Cat skid-steer loader it is possible to control the Powerblade through the joysticks of the loader. This tremendously accelerates the operator use.

Options AP Powerblade

■  Extendable masts with scaling
■  Finishing plate / bucket
■  APMB-1 control box
■  Sonic tracker
■  Slope sensor
■  Machine receivers
■  Bobcat/Cat interface kit
■  3D, GPS or total station
■  Special version for working in rocky conditions
■  Vertical indication on APMB-1 box
■  Height indication on APMB-1 box
■  Hydraulic doors on back side
■  Sprayed in a color of choice (if RAL color)


AP Powerblade



AP Powerblade