AP Silage cutters – type NR

Series NR

Due to the large capacity, particularly when used in combination with a large wheel loader (with a minimum weight of 10 tonnes), the AP NR is perfectly suitable for daily intensive use. Large block capacities (maximum 4,3 m³), and ideal for the cutting of stock (contractors). Block widths from 180 to 280 cm, the block depth is 115 cm and the block height is 142 cm.

This very solid machine is equipped with heavy Kverneland tines ø 55 mm and perfect for heavy work.
All types are available with tines as well with a closed bottom and are standardly delivered with hoses and quick couplings. All models with a closed bottom are equipped with a wear-resistant knife in 400 HB grade steel.
The cutting frame and the closed bottom are double-walled. This sandwich construction is provided with reinforcements so that the silage cutter is very “stiff” in the frame. Thanks to this stiff construction the cutting frame will not twist and the AP silage cutter requires only 2 cylinders. Therefore there is no need for a hydraulic flow divider.

Technical specifications series NR

TypeBlock width
Block depth
Block height
Block capacity
Weight kg
shear grab
Weight kg
shear bucket (DB)
NR 18001801151422,816361774
NR 20002001151423,117371875
NR 22002201151423,418061975
NR 24002401151423,718752044
NR 28002801151424,321352390

• Standardly equipped with pressure safety valve, hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Hydraulic pressure : max. 200 bar

Options serie NR

  • Hydraulic push-off system
  • Inlay in conjunction with hydraulic push-off system
  • Electric hydraulic control
  • Flow control valve
  • All common quick attachments
  • Perforated plate on the back

Hydraulic push-off system (HAR)

The hydraulic push-off system makes the unloading of silage or corn blocks easier if the cutter, for whatever reason, has difficulty tipping. The push-off system is only available for the AP silage cutters with tines (shear grabs) en requires the use of an extra double functioning valve.

Inlay in conjunction with hydraulic push-off system (HAIBR)

As supplement to the hydraulic push-off system a (removable) inlay can be added. This inlay can be drawn into the cutter or put away by the push-off system so the driver does not have to leave the cabine. The inlay is provided with hooks and the push-off system with catch hooks. Once the inlay is within the silage blockcutter the cutting frame can be closed. Due to this spilling, is reduced to a minimum.






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