AP Sweeping tires Speedy

AP Tire sweeper Speedy : saves money and spares your back

The AP tire sweeper is a simple but very effective tool to slide feeding products on the feed alley against the feed fence. A robust, simple machine, available with several options.

The AP tire sweeper comes as standard as a bottom driven version, but can optionally be delivered with a powerful hydraulic motor. The hydraulically driven tire sweeper ensures that the products get against the feed fence at all times; furthermore it is useful in case of small-sized feeding fences where it is difficult for the sweeping tire to generate sufficient rotation.
Because the Speedy can be swivelled one can work on both sides of the tractor, mechanically or hydraulically controlled.

The AP sweeping tire is as good as free of maintenance and is standardly equipped with mechanic angle adjustment and 3-point linkage (exclusive of tractor tire).

Technical specifications

TypeWorking width cmDrive
VB-38 Hydro150Hydraulic

• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Necessary hydraulic power VB-38 Hydro : 25 l./min. – 180 bar (max. 40 l./min. – 200 bar)

Options AP Speedy 

■  Hydraulic angle adjustment
■  Triangle linkage instead of Cat II
■  Triangle linkage with Cat II
■  Mounting plate for front / wheel loader instead of Cat II
■  Forklift truck attachment instead of Cat II
■  Used 38″ tractor tire


AP Speedy