AP Tractor planes

AP Tractor planes

  • Can work under any desired angle
  • Electrically / hydraulically adjustable
  • Changeable wear-resistant Hardox knife
  • Robust and compact construction
  • Due to optimal blade curving low necessary power required
  • Limited maintenance

The AP tractor plane is used for the levelling and repairing of sandy paths, verges, slopes, ditches etc. This solid machine can be adjusted electrically/hydraulically at every possible way from the tractor, which makes it possible to work under any desired angle. The swiveling wheels (depth adjustment) are infinitely adjustable by spindle adjustment.

Optionally the AP tractor plane can be equipped with hydraulically adjustable wheels which enables the use of laser control.


Tractor plane Plus

The AP Tractor plane can also be equipped as a special version, the Plus-version. This Plus-version is a combination of the AP Tractor plane and the AP Grader plane.
When you want to profile over longer distances or on locations with a lot of space, like sand / gravel paths or large stretches of sand, and the machine does not require laser control, then this Plus-version is the perfect machine.

The Tractor plane Plus is equipped with an adjustable wheel set with large caster wheels for comfort and to achieve a higher driving speed. Behind the blade an extra finishing plate is mounted for a smooth finishing and compaction. This hydraulically controlled finishing plate can also be put under an angle.

Technical specifications AP tractor plane

TypeBlade width
Blade height
Nec. power
Adjustment of
TS 2000200657530° L & R30° L & R20° L & R
TS 2250225658030° L & R30° L & R20° L & R
TS 2500250658530° L & R30° L & R20° L & R
TS 2750275659030° L & R30° L & R20° L & R
TS 30003006510030° L & R30° L & R20° L & R

Options AP tractor plane

■  Set of sides
■  Broadening part L = 250 mm
■  Hydraulically adjustable wheels
■  Ripper tines with special 3-point linkage
■  APMB-1 control box
■  Laser control (not on TS Plus)
■  Sprayed in a color of choice


AP Tractor plane




AP Tractor plane