AP Trencher

AP Trencher – type GF

The AP trencher is a high-quality, robust machine developed to quickly and accurately make a drainage channel in or next to, for instance, a field of potatoes, onions, tulips or lilies. Furthermore the trencher can be used for the covering of silage. Thanks to the parallelogram the machine can be adjusted in any position.

Because the trencher can be put offset both right and left it is possible to mill a trench directly at the beginning or at the end of a row, ridge or bed without driving over it with the tractor wheel.

The drive consists of two PTO’s with a central bearing, which positively influences the lifetime and maintenance. The wear parts at the wheel are replaceable and the support skid is equipped with a wearing strip from manganese steel.

The AP trencher is standardly equipped with hydraulic angle and flap adjustment.

The AP trencher is suitable for use with all types of tractors but particularly suitable for tractors on high crop tires (up to 54″), thanks to the angled frame beams the desired working width can easily be achieved.

Technical specifications AP Trencher

TypeOffsetting cmNecessary power hpMax. depth cmMax. depth cm
GF 8075 L + R50-6027575

• Standardly equipped with hydraulic hoses and ½” male BSP couplings
• Maximum permissible hydraulic power : 220 bar
• Recommended driving speed : 400 – 700 m. / hour
• RPM is max. 540
• Thanks to the angled frame beams ideal working depth for tractors with high crop tires (up to 54″)


AP Trencher GF  



AP Trencher